Thursday's Tremulous 1.3 Alpha Release

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It wont work i just copied all files and i have run tremulous-gpp.exe and it wont run. Maybe will you just make a normal client will you ?

@Pax123 you mean “tremulous.exe”?

no i mean “D:\Program Files (x86)\Tremulous\tremulous-gpp.exe” but when i run tremulous.exe still i dont see anyt changes

@Pax123 , the name of the binary for the 1.3 alpha client is “tremulous.exe”. After you have downloaded the .zip release for your platform, unzip that folder anywhere, and then run tremulous.exe in that folder. It will then download any assets you might be missing, and generate an RSA key (this may take a few minutes, but after you run the client the first time, you would startup quickly each subsequent time).

If you want to, you could move that binary to where your old Tremulous binary(ies) is/are (in your case to D:\Program Files (x86)\Tremulous) , but make sure that you copy all of the contents of the unzipped release directory to wherever you moved the the 1.3 alpha tremulous.exe to (including the base, gpp, gpp_11, scripts, and tmp folders, as well as granger.exe, tremded.exe, and all the libraries).

Backup your existing Tremulous if you intend on replacing the binaries.. Or you can simply continue to run the new client from wherever the unzipped release folder is.

it ask me to download and i allowed it but then nothing else happen, any download progress or anything, later its telling me that it cant fin default.cfg and then i click ok and nothing…

I appologize for the inconvenience @Pax123 , issues come up with alpha releases, thank you for being patient. The issue you are experiencing some others have encountered as well. The bootstrap process that is suppose to download the needed assets doesn’t always work for everyone. In the next day or so, we will be looking into having the needed assets packaged with the release .zip files. I’ll ping you when we have that fixed. Again, thank you for your patience.

especially when they’re rushed !

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note to everyone: an alpha release isn’t for regular users to test. the alpha testing phase is supposed to be conducted in-house, by developers. regular users should wait until a beta release.


You don’t have to release something if it’s to be tested only by those who released it. This is a dumb logic. Also 1.3 client seems like it is a bug-mansion. It even has regressions from tremfusion.

ok i am waiting then :slight_smile:

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Keep reporting any issues you find on our issue tracker @Obani ( ) , your reports are very much appreciated and I encourage more players to do the same. Generally speaking in order for bugs to be fixed they must first be identified and understood, and the more issues that are brought to our attention, the better quality we can work towards for the 1.3 full release. This is one of the main benefits of publicly testing even alpha releases of the client. I would like to see the 1.3 client make all existing older Tremulous clients completely obsolete by the time we are ready for the full release.

@Pax123 , we are still working on a fix for this issue, but you can attempt to manually work around this issue by following the instructions from the following post that has helped another player with the same issue:

It appears I’ve done the right choice.

i know what’s client. i assume ‘game logic’ is the server side. but what is ‘updater for 1.3’?

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The game logic is primarily composed of the game module (qvm), cgame module (qvm), and in some respects the ui module (qvm). Although we do provide a complete patch for building the cgame and the ui with those particular binaries we distribute to players who connect to test7341, those patches don’t include the commit history for the currently private repo, and the code for the game module being developed for 1.3 won’t be public released until the initial full release of Tremulous 1.3. The 1.3 tremded that would be used for running the 1.3 game QVMs however is included in the current alpha releases, but there may be some aspects of of the tremded that we are currently developing that might not be publicly released until the initial full release, and other aspects of the tremded that would be released in alpha/beta releases.

We have been developing an updater system for the 1.3 client, so that as new versions of the client builds are released, players with those client can choose to have updates download and installed for them from within the client’s main menu, so that manually downloading and reinstalling every time there is a new release (minor or major) would no longer be required. However, we don’t have the updater system fully functional yet in that there are some bugs that need to be worked out for it to actually download and install updates, but a the moment it doesn tell you if your client is out of date.

Very important, be sure to update to GrangerHub’s latest alpha release (currently: v1.3.0-alpha.0.4 ), as it includes a fix to a vulnerability that all prior versions of the Tremulous clients have (including all prior publicly released stock and modified 1.1 and gpp clients). More information is on this topic: Tremulous v1.3.0-alpha.0.4 Includes an Important Vulnerability Fix .


@Pax123 , sorry for the delay in fixing the installation issue you were experiencing, but the most recent release available as of today should address it. More information can be found on this topic:


Now it works like a harm !

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